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Dynamic Interactive Web Sites

   Dynamic interactive web sites generate their web pages on the fly. They interface with a database or many databases to give each surfer a unique experience based on their input. A simple example is searching a database on zip code or city/state and returning the results to the surfer.

   We use a powerful programming language ( Delphi ) to create these sites so there is virtually no limit to what can be done. Our interactive sites can include:

  • E-Commerce Sites
  • Sites that collect information from users to build a database
  • Sites that disseminate information from a database
  • Sites that search databases
  • Sites that browse databases
  • You can do virtually anything a desktop application can do
We can incorporate user ids and passwords and can even automatically generate email using database or user inputted information.

   Our systems are highly scalable. We can handle a simple search as in the example above or a high traffic site shuffling millions of pieces of data that may need to be spread across multiple servers.


  • We developed a system for a national recruiting firm. This firm has recruiting, marketing, and human resources staff working out of their homes all over the nation. The web site/application we developed for them allows all of their staff to enter candidates and jobs to a central location. Staff members can search both candidates and jobs for potential matches. Once potential matches are found, the system records and tracks interviews for them.
  • Another system was developed for a medical insurance company. This system allows insurance companies to communicate medical claim status information to their policy holders. It allows policy holders to view claim status and payment history, view the text of their policy, enter changes of address, add dependents, and many other things.
  • Most of the dynamic sites we create are proprietary and require a user id and password to view the site. as an example of one that is open to the public. This system allows buyers of industrial supplies search a database of thousands of suppliers based on the products they sell. Once suppliers are located, the buyer can automatically send them a bid request.
  • We are currently developing a system for a grocery broker. This system gathers pricing information from users throughout the nation and disseminates this information to buyers who initiate orders online.

   The possibilities are endless. Put our knowledge and experience to work for you. Please call or email us. We would be happy to discuss your project with you.

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